#WhoWillYouHelp Campaign displays men as rapists… Yawn

#WhoWillYouHelp Campaign displays men as rapists… Yawn
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  1. Tsaniko says:

    They men to look like dirtbags and women as stupid children that can do shit. Plus I have stop people from being drugged and got blamed for it not worth helping in the least.

  2. Peter Wright says:

    Hmmmm, tough one. 1. Help the imaginary rapist molest his drugged comatose victim, 2. help the rape-hysteria woman exploiting chivalry for narcissistic attention, 3. spam the #WhoWillYouHelp hashtag so thoroughly that the project closes down, 4. walk away, or 5. all of the above.


    1. Peter Wright says:

      For quote miners, the above is of course ridicule at the notion that men are hovering around woman’s drinks waiting for a moment to slip a roofie, while other men look on with a wink – all so he can have sex with an unconscious body.

      The list of options is as fictional as the video portrayal of males, except #3 and #4 which are the only valid responses to the propaganda.

      1. tamerlame says:

        Peter leave AVFM bro

  3. Galt's Gulch says:

    Comments closed on the video, but appear to be open on the channels discussion page:


    1. TearsOfWar says:

      Typical that they have their comments and ratings disabled. It’s like they already know that the video will most likely get negative feedback.

  4. Jim Slade says:

    You know, you’d help a lot more women victimized by sexual violence if you’d address the male victims and female perpetrators of it too. Let’s stop demonizing men out of the game and recognizing their humanity too… it’s the statistically sound thing to do (when stats are done responsibly and fairly and not to confirm a confirmation bias).

  5. BlackGnosticSpeaks says:

    You cannot understand this campaign without understanding Title IX and politically where it fits when making policy. You have to go back to the DOE’s “Dear Colleague” letter pushed out in 2011 forcing these “Yes Means Yes” policies down the schools throats.

    It a false campaign used by opportunistic politicians to further push men down so that they can control and indoctrinate them. It’s false evidence appearing real that drives this…

    1. -JRMCNEA says:

      I think men need to start reporting sexual contact initiated by women without their consent. Whether they are ok with it or not.We would see this stop or change almost over night.

  6. TearsOfWar says:

    I guess women have never made unwanted sexual advances towards men, have never drugged men to have sex with, have never shared nude pictures of other men amongst themselves according to this propaganda…

  7. Multishadow says:

    Female version:

    Scene 1 – Woman financially raping man in divorce while alienating him from his children.

    Scene 2 – Woman flirting with her boss while shitting on her male coworkers.

    Scene 3 – Your typical bachelorette party, girlfriend secret text messages/emails, ladies night out at the club.

    Scene 4 – Women poking holes in condom, pretending to use birth control, buying fake pregnancy tests.

    1. JRMCNEA says:

      “Thanks for not telling him it’s not his baby.”

      “Thanks for not telling that I lied about him hitting me.”

      “Thanks for not telling that I got him drunk so he would get me pregnant.”

      “Thanks for not telling that I lie about being on birth control.”

      “Thanks for not telling that I poked holes in the Condom.”

      “Thanks for not telling That i called the police and lied about him taking our child without permission.”

      1. Anonymous says:

        It would be amazing if someone made a spoof of this video to target females.
        And then leave the comments section open so everyone will see the gynocentrism.

      2. Chaz Babylon says:

        Great list! If there’s a way to spam the campaign, this list should be posted and re-posted as often as possible. Not that they would get it. That’s how lacking in self awareness these assholes are.

  8. William Ganness says:

    Rape is one of the Gods in the religion of Feminism, a religion based on gynocentricism. Feminists have to keep their God of Rape alive because without it their religion is will die or will contribute to its death. This is why its a norm in our gynocentric society not to make joke about rape, never the question it and always pray to the Rape God (we need to get a name for this god ). They have rightly pointed out that Rape is not about sex, its about control of another persons sexuality. And thats exactly what Feminist are doing with rape. Statistics matter not, truth matter not, Justice matter not, Due process matter not. The only thing that matters is to keep Rape alive.

  9. That Corvid says:

    It took a while…but I realize it’s actual comedy. There is no way in fuck any of these women would ever say thank you for in these scenarios. Most importantly, because they would probably never know you had done anything anyway. HR and the bartender would likely never tell the woman who told them about the harassment.

    But speaking of which , how many of you have ever seen or witnessed anything like the scenarios presented here? I don’t think I ever have, but maybe I am just naive.

    Anyway, great piece of comedy Ontario! Glad I’m not paying taxes in your jurisdiction!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Apparently you didn’t watch the whole video, if you did you will note that it is a production of the province of Ontario, which is in Canada. We are tightly integrated with the USA but have not yet joined in the NAU (North American Union a la EU) so we are not subject to your DOE’s “Dear Colleague” letter of 2011.
    We are, in fact, further along the progressive’s political trail than ever the Dear Colleague letter. We have an openly (married?) lesbian premier with a new revised sex education curriculum that was apparently overseen by an admitted paedophile (according to the news, he entered a guilty plea in court recently). There currently four investigations regarding malfeasance currently (March 2015) in progress (3 OPP and 1 Ontario Elections).
    It is my opinion that the province has openly discriminated against white males since the mid nineties. (Women and visible minorities considered first). As far as I can discern this video originated in the hometown of both icons : ‘Big Red’ and ‘Sandman’.
    This blatantly misandric propaganda does not surprise me in the least. I can fully understand Sandman’s hectic attempt to popurlarize and spread MGTOWism. Hogtown (Toronto) is a place I completely avoid.

    1. nora ekard says:

      MGTOW isn’t an ISM.

    2. Lovekraft says:

      fellow Ontarian here. Yes, it seemed growing up that somehow the GTA and surrounding southern Ontario area were test models for whatever crazy movement came out of San Francisco/California.

      As for Wynne, what boggles the mind is how any straight white male would think she has him near the top of her priority list. We are the direct opposite of what she is and represents. Evidenced by her priorities as a leader in advancing anti-family, pro-gay policies rather than investing time in cleaning up gov’t waste, encouraging ‘family-supportive industries’ etc.

      Of course, the fact is Ontario votes in liberals because the party has bought the nurses and teachers unions, combined with the fact there are many, many beta chump women-with-penises.

    3. Clark says:

      I live in Ontario, would be considered a visible minority and I’ve never received anything for it. I get discriminated for being a man, exact same as you whites, and then a second time, (both by the system and in society), for not being white. So stop your white nationalist whining.

  11. The Professor says:

    That is repugnant, and may I just say that being a man I have NEVER seen another of man I know behave like that. Men just don’t do the type of things depicted in that video. However, criminals and deviants will and luckily I haven’t known many of them.

    The message in that video is saying that men are naturally evil or deviant. I cannot and will not accept that sort of depiction and urge every man and boy who has seen it to ignore. In fact I will go further than that. If you do happen to see a woman being harassed then do NOTHING to help her for she would not help you.

    I for one will NEVER come to a woman’s aid. Ladies your on your own. Especially after bullshit like that video.

  12. M.G. How says:

    As a longtime Canadian watcher of bar bar’s videos, I’d like to point out that the Canadian Federal Elections are coming up.


    The gov’s appeal to female victimhood is inline with bar’s past observations on how female divorcees (i.e.women wanting never-ending entitlements) decide election outcomes. They’re close to the 6 month window when the media will start drumming-up coverage.

    1. M.G. How says:

      I guess what I’m saying is, now is the time to cold-call / greet your local politician in Canada regarding subrogation of citizen responsibilities and entitlements for men and women.

  13. Introspective says:

    This is so ridiculous!

    One more video to remind us as men of what we are and where we stand. More shame to spend our time crawling out from underneath while the next garbage video is being produced. Something is strangely absent from this video, if only I could figure out what.

    Thank you Barbarossa for everything you have done. Keep your head up.


  14. …ahhhh, but wait! who are all these MEN who are making / starring in these productions???

    well all know they are the disgusting, filthy, sell-out men who should heed MGTOW Commandment VIII — Thou Shalt Not Be A White Knight, Mangina, Pussy Beggar, SIMP Or Captain Save-A-Ho

    (by the way, i especially loved the DRUNK bitch scene. of course patriarchy FORCED her to drink?)

    MGTOW Ten Commandments

    1. and oh yeah, this is another video which clearly illustrates what i’ve been saying for a few years: we are now witnessing the beginning of The Collapse Of Chivalry

      in the next coming years, we gonna find out a few things . . .

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m not helping anyone, male nor female. I’m not a stupid henchman to be used as a spare tire, and then go under appreciated by women. They are big girls, they can protect themselves just like a man.

  16. Cyberius says:

    Is it weird that I have never witnessed any of these situations?

    1. Clark says:

      It’s because these situations don’t occur on regular basis. I’ve been going to parties, bars, in locker rooms, working in an office for years and have never come across any of this.

      The roofie one is what gets me. Apparently every girl you meet has a story of when she was roofied. I used to work at a bar and every girl who worked there (as most came in on their free time also) claimed they were roofied by some “creepy” dude. Rohypnol stays in your system for 48 hours, I believe. They easily could have went to the doctor/hospital and had a blood test, but none of them ever did. Surprisingly, they all just really like drama and being the center of attention.

      I read one study, conducted at an emergency room, where 9 of 10 times somebody came in claiming to be roofied, no drugs were actually found in their system. Only a lot of alcohol.

  17. Nestor says:

    I had a girlfriend who got drunk a lot, I try to fuck one day, her unconscious body. I say try because I couldn’t get it up, it felt like she was dead and I was drunk too. So I really don’t understand how other drunk people do it. Guess it’s all on the individual. It’s never a smart thing to get involved with other people’s problem. It can back fire and also it’s the clubs problem if people are getting drug or raped at the establishment.

  18. Darth Sin says:

    Women should help themselves. Learn how to use and carry a firearm in regions that allow it, carry some means of self defense, learn some fighting skills and most importantly, don’t go walking into dark areas or wear provocative clothing unless you have backup.

    Its like theft. Don’t show the world you have wealth unless you have a bodyguard, learn how to fight and have situational awareness.

    If men valued women who are capable of protecting themselves and viewed women who are weak to be worthless, we would not see advertisements like this…

  19. bleh says:

    Of course this gynocentric anti male bullshit came out of ontario. Land of the rabid feminists. Fuck this place.

  20. Anon says:

    Am I the only one who is appalled, APPALLED that these women couldn’t even offer up a hand job, or even a pack of gum to these men who supposedly saved them from the life-long mental anguish (not to mention the the-rapist costs… yo, you could buy a house with that kind of money) of rape?

    This is exactly why initiatives like He for She are dead in the water. You save a man from rape, you have a brother FOR LIFE (or if Pulp Fiction is to be believed, a permanent forgiveness of all debits no matter how great)! You save woman, you get a thanks in passing. There is no Fraternity of Man there, just another cross to bear.

    Isn’t it about time men start asking women how will they help?

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