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  1. nora ekard says:

    Excellent post.

    Also, bar bar, do you accept independently written articles to be published on your site? I understand that proof reading and editing would undoubtedly be necessary if the answer is yes.

    I ask this because I’m writing a piece on Sperm Donations and multiple problems which are beginning to arise in the practice, and am wondering if it would be possible for me to publish it.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      Absolutely I accept independently written articles, just send me an email at:


      1. nora ekard says:

        Great, though I have no guarantee of any articles, though I am working on one at the moment. I simply wanted to clarify the possibility of submitting one.


  2. Multishadow says:

    Great Article.

    I agree. To me MGTOW consists of two parts.. the awareness and understanding of “The Red Pill”, which is essentially basic male and female human nature.. and then an attempt to retain one’s own freedom in the face of it (while still satisfying one’s own needs).

    And based on that, MGTOW also exists in both an individual and a collective sense. On a collective level, it is an ever-growing pool of knowledge pertaining to the Red-Pill and possible viable solutions for men. On an individualistic level, it is one’s own personal experiences and life choices in obtaining happiness while retaining freedom.

  3. Tamerlame says:

    You should do guest posts from other bloggers. I would like to see Black Pill do a post on here.

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