On Vigilante Justice part 2

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  1. tamerlame says:

    I am convinced a lot of it is just hatred towards other men, just an exucse to attack them.

    For example when Jamie bulger killers (Two ten year old boys.) went to trail for killing a two year old, the public wanted to lynch them. They were given a life sentence. (Do you think an adult woman would get a life sentence for killing a two year old? I highly doubt it!)

    I think men just enjoy destroying other men, the evil man who attacks women is the perfect narrative to rationalize the hate.

    1. nora ekard says:

      Exactly, India has become a Feminist/Traditionalist hybrid. A gynocentric melting pot of disastrous proportions…sort of like here in the west…

    2. Multishadow says:

      They enjoy destroying other men in order to make themselves have more valuable in women’s eyes.

      1. Multishadow says:


  2. William Ganness says:

    Everything in our society is based on gynocentrism, most likely its biology for the survival of the species. And all our science sits on top of this, for work to be truly scientific we need to filter out the gynocentrisim by recognizing that it exists (Women are wonderful phenomenon) and then correcting our research for it. THere is an experiment that you can conduct thats repeatable. If you give women the power they will share the fruits of their power with only select males – usually the alphas, while the lower ranked males will be kicked out and ostracized. When you give the power to males, the fruits are shared amongst much wider group, including the low males and the low females. This experiment has been conducted many times in different scenarios. Historically and possibly biologically female are highly selective as this leads to success in passing on genes. Males are successful by spreading their sperm to as many females as possible accounting only for suitability factors (hip ratios, facial symmetry, hair health, breast development etc). And anthropologists say that historically very few males were allowed to pass on their genes, up to 60+% of them never mated with females while several males had multiple partners – 70+% of women passed on their genes. This is most likely the root of gynocentricism. Gynocentricism exists in evolutionary psychology but it is abhorred because of gynocentricism itself. Gynocentricism will never be proven by science except in a very limited way because of gynocentricism itself in which we exist. Take the work of Satoshi Kanazawa, psychologists everywhere was quick to shut down his work when it contradicted with gynocentricism. Or the work of Murray Straus on domestic violence, where the best research into domestic violence was rejected because of gynocentricism.


    This will seem impossible to believe, but in my life, (not in the news), but in my world personally, twelve different men have been falsely accused. More unbelievably, I knew most of the women, and about half of them confessed directly to me that they did this and told me their motivations for doing so. I started falseaccusationsblog at wordpress to try to slowly debunk the idea that “women almost never lie.”

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