Rikers island rape incident shows our self loathing.

Rape Hysteria
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  1. Electrk says:

    And I’m sure that if this started happening more often, even slightly, there would be a big movement to prevent this from happening again. Meanwhile, thousands of men are being raped in prisons yet everyone remains strangely quiet…

  2. Stawgzilla says:

    It would be interesting to hear an account from the inmates. How they felt, they strength of the emotion(s) or lack thereof; whether they acted by themselves or were asked for assistance by the officers trying to enter the room, and for either instance why did they assist?

    I’ve got a link to a video here that details another incident where inmates helped a female officer:

    There’s a point around the 1-minute mark of the video where the prisoner who had come to help the officer says that he was was going off of adrenaline because he “could see how scared she was”. Another case where the protector instinct was being tapped into perhaps. It’s also interesting to note how quick the response is from the inmates upon hearing her calls.

    I’ve got another video showing inmates helping a male officer who is being choked from behind by another inmate:

    I wonder if the biological drivers that lead to the inmates helping the officers are different in the case of a distressed male and distressed female, and if yes what might they be?

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      And I also wonder if those biological drivers are what lead to their incarceration in the first place…

  3. nora ekard says:

    Throw a man a bone and he’ll do anything.

  4. Souledge says:

    Interesting stuff, but did I miss a mass anti mgtow redirection to this blog? In less than one day this article accumulated 89 dislikes even though it’s accurate and informative, yet no comment rationally explaining why these people have a disdain towards this article.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      I noticed that two im trying to figure out where its coming from. Very weird

  5. Chazz says:

    What the 89 people that dislike this post fail to realize is that barbarossaa is not saying that they should have let the man rape the corrections officer but that its strange how they will come to the rescue of a female whose job it is to keep them locked in a cage but if there fellow inmate gets raped it’s a “well its not me so it’s not my problem” attitude with them.

    1. Tamerlame says:

      I would leave a female officers to get raped, I would leave a male officer to get raped. I would not risk my life for someone who was comfortable with me being in a cage. You take the states money to imprison someone you lose any regard from me.

  6. Nindoriel says:

    I hate this whole “this could be your mother, sister, daughter” shit. Yeah and every man suffering could be my father, brother, son.

  7. Tamerlame says:

    Wow, so many dislikes? Have feminists found this blog already? lolol

    1. or it could be M(h)RA’s-hard to tell those fuckers apart nowadays…

  8. Congrats on the new blog man…

    Sorry to hear those creeps like Clarey doxxed you and Stardusk…

    Want to hear a bad joke???

    How do you tell the difference between a feminist and an M(h)RA????

    A feminist beats the shit out of a homeless man while saying it is patriarchy and how he is “privleged” all while bragging about all the abortions she had…

    An M(h)RA beats the shit out of a homeless man and says it is misandry that he didn’t donate to AVfM all while bragging he is “alpha” because he got a bunch of women preggers and hasn’t paid a penny in child support….

    I tried to discuss things with Fidelboggen-banhammer…

    He talked about “holding feminists accountable.”

    I left a video that shows an argument between Phylis Schlafly and a feminist about the draft. He couldn’t put two and tow together. He wants to “hold feminists accountable” but he won’t hold traditionalist women or men who send young guys to die in wars accountable.

    Trying to explain simple concepts to ideology obsessed M(h)RA’s is futile…

    The M(h)RA is doomed to fail-they will never discuss how men abuse other men, they are obsessed about finding a case where a 22 year old woman had sex with a 17 year old boy and crying RAAAAAAAAAYPE…

    Feminism-you can’t critique feminism-you filthy misogynist you….

    MRM-You can’t critique women, you filthy misogynist you-but let’s fling pooh at feminists and call it “activism.”

    The real acid test for MGTOW will be if MGTOW can stay intellectually honest while critiquing feminism, woman and men…

    I will posit that if feminism as a movement died off tomorrow, that would have relatively little changes for low status men. Most of the advances for women have been due to technology-ie birth control. Men would still face misandry from traditionalist women and other men. Same shit different day. “Fighting feminism” is a nice phrase but it isn’t doing things to help low status men or boys. MGTOW, from my point of view is merely a workaround for a bad situation…

    I suppose that makes me a misogynist and a mangina with a micropenis too small to even be admitted in the lonely hearts PiGTOW+ club…

  9. barbarossaa says:

    “I tried to discuss things with Fidelboggen-banhammer…

    He talked about “holding feminists accountable.”

    I left a video that shows an argument between Phylis Schlafly and a feminist about the draft. He couldn’t put two and tow together. He wants to “hold feminists accountable” but he won’t hold traditionalist women or men who send young guys to die in wars accountable.”

    Funny that Fidelbogen says nothing about this… it shows you what he is all about.

    1. nora ekard says:

      Bar bar, I think someone used a dislike bot on this article or something…

  10. The Red Baron says:

    The 89 dislikes proves we are dealing with wild animals pathologically incapable of reasoning abilities operating on a hindbrain level.

    Guys be very careful when discussing these ideas even with close friends. Remember no matter how reasonable a person is in other domains, that person will not hesitate to physically harm you. These ideas create too much cognitive dissonance in people no matter how ‘civilised’ or ‘educated’ or ‘open-minded’ they seem even if they aren’t white knight blue pill manginas and part of the PUA portion of the manosphere.

    Think of it like a dormant zombie virus which is being weaponised as soon as you discuss these ideas. I’ve seen the dark side of human nature which resides in gynocentric hardwiring ..nature has programmed these people with a spinal cord level reflex. Before technological advancement without gynocentrism the race would have died out, now it will actually die because of it.

    We need to be careful in trying to weed this mal-adaptive trait out by persuasion.


  11. Anon says:

    You misunderstand the psychology here.

    I assure you if a female guard was particularly prickly to the inmates, there would be a line waiting to get some revenge (although not necessarily rape). Otherwise you have an inherent white knight trait mixed with people who, regardless of circumstance, are in close proximity day in and day out. Relationships form, and especially with no sexual outlet, hope springs eternal.

    Not to mention ever inmate associated will leverage this, maybe not for sex, but for perpetual leniency. You ask yourself whether a one time sexual act with a punishment to follow is worth more that a forever looking the other way by a guard because they helped her once.

    Inmates on the other hand have virtually nothing to offer other inmates. Not to mention the framework of prisons in the US is to set prison populations against one another (there is a study done recently showing how the economics of prison gangs operate in the US, as opposed to the UK, where prison gangs are none existent) as a self-policing tool. Often other inmates are worse than the guards.

    And even among guards, there is a white knight tendency to protect female guards, while thinking other male guards should be able to deal with things on their own.

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