How to avoid Prison Rape

How to avoid Prison Rape
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  1. lápi póc says:

    its working, right?

    1. barbarossaa says:

      yup looks good!

  2. DoomRulz says:

    Really good stuff here, barb. It makes me think of the way in which sexual activity in prisons is portrayed in popular media. Orange Is the New Black takes plenty of glee in portraying female prisoners in engaging in lustful encounters that are always 100% consensual because you know, Heaven forbid one woman rapes another. But when it comes to male sexual activity within prison, as Sons of Anarchy, Oz, and other programs have shown us, it’s always rape rape rape. It makes me sick.

    P.S. I sent an email by mistake, sorry! I confused it with the comment box; haven’t had my coffee yet 😛

  3. Excellent site and much needed to spread the MGTOW word. Great work.

  4. Aasim says:

    Testing comments.

    1. jerlov says:

      Testing testing 1 2

  5. Zenith says:


  6. Manbot6000 says:


  7. Sylva says:

    Looking forward to this.

  8. Xiknyn says:

    It’s worse than that, isn’t it? We’ve developed a prison culture where people now want to send people to prison so they WILL be raped.

  9. nora ekard says:

    Oops, accidentality sent an email 😛

    Perhaps implementing a thumbs up/thumbs down system would be helpful with comment discussions, eh Bar Bar?

    1. barbarossaa says:


  10. nora ekard says:

    Go watch the female version, this shit is scripted…

  11. Cyberius says:

    Looking good!

    1. nora ekard says:

      …how did you get your picture to show…

  12. Seebach says:

    Excellent, the website is up. I’d like to request an “About” or an “Intro to” section for people to get up to speed, understanding MGTOW, mission statement, etc.

    Keep up the good work Bar Bar!

  13. Electrk says:

    It’s sad that we live in a society that dismisses, jokes about, and even condones prison rape. The fact that women get help while men just get advice on how to prevent something (that may not even be in their control) just shows where our society’s priorities are.

  14. Frealdoh says:


  15. handyman says:

    Test test, 1 2 3

  16. lawshorizon says:

    Looks good.

    1. lawshorizon says:

      Interesting video. … Anyway, comments pick up spelling mistakes and you don’t need to put in an email or website to reply. Nice job!

  17. kurti5 says:

    Testing commenting.

  18. shmiggen says:

    I kinda liked your old ‘mengoingtheirownway.com’ website, particularly your articles on the artificial womb.

  19. JD Muspelheim says:

    Key points: Don’t accept gifts (i.e. nothing is ‘free’.) Shower with your underwear on. Work out without a spotter. Reporting isn’t snitching.

    One thought keeps nagging at me. The state didn’t make this video. The prison industry didn’t make this video. The legal system didn’t make this video. No, the man who put this video together was a prison rape victim who wants to keep it from happening to other men. The fact that it takes a man who was raped to make this kind of video – when there are all kinds of state-sponsored programs to prevent women from being raped – shows that prison rape is being utilized by our society for punitive purposes. Being raped is considered part of the male prisoner’s punishment. Realizing this, how can anyone conclude that men aren’t second class citizens?

    1. nora ekard says:

      You seem surprised. No one cares about men bro.

      1. JD Muspelheim says:

        Indeed. We need to look for each other.

  20. Peter Wright says:

    Looking good. Interesting title.

  21. ProphetofLogic says:

    Works well on mobile. Although the email form at the top and comment box at bottom almost got me. I was saved from that fate by an insistence on reading the comments first. I’m not well versed in prison culture, so I will abstain from commenting yet. I look forward to future posts.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I don’t actually have to put in my email to post a comment do I

  23. Max Hydrogen says:

    Wow, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to relate one’s experience of rape as a man, especially considering society’s trivialization of prison rape. T.J. Parsell and the other participants show true bravery.

    Great work Barbarosaaaaa. I’m glad you’re upping the ante and I wish to help anyway I can.


  24. George says:

    great look forward too more content , bro

  25. ChrisR says:

    great start

  26. Sam Power ( Awesome name XD) says:

    My first reaction on your site, great work by the way!

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  28. omero says:

    Nice website! Love it.

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